Tree Surgery

we offer cover all aspects of Forestry and Arboriculture (tree surgery); many jobs we are able to complete are specialist operations with only a limited number of companies being able to offer these services within the country.

We believe that one of the most important aspects of our work is that all of employees,
co-workers and the public are not endangered or injured by any of the services we provide.

All operations that we undertake are carried out by experienced and qualified staff to ensure that we not only comply with all Health and Safety and Environmental legislation and guidelines but are able to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

With our vast array of machinery and equipment we are able to complete even the most difficult of tasks to the highest level of quality!

What we offer

Our experienced teams offer a full range of services; they can be broken down into the following Categories.

The first is our Tree Surgery Services which ranges from Chemical Weed Control and Grass Cutting to the Crown Reduction and Section Dismantling of trees. We are proud to have worked on many veteran trees offering services such as Cable Brace installation which allows these trees to remain in the public domain to be appreciated well into the future. Our staffs are qualified to the highest levels with-in the industry and coupled together with our large selection of machinery it allows us to provide a professional service that is economically viable for our clients.

Our second service is as Timber Merchants and Forestry Contractors. We are able to offer these services as individual operations or as a complete package, these range from Felling Licence Applications through to Thinning, Clearfells, Marketing of Timber, re-stocking and Plantation Maintenance. We are able to offer competitive rates for any Timber sold and have a 90% uptake on the Valuation of timber parcels we have submitted.

Fuelwood supply.
We offer season hardwood logs at a competitive rate in Volumes from 1 cubic metre to 50 cubic meters, incorporating a delivery service.

If you feel that we can be of any assistance to yourself in the management of your trees please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can send one of our experienced representatives to offer advice and discuss your needs further.

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