Green Roofing

Why choose a green roof?

Green roofs can be an attractive and economical way to gain BREEAM points and fulfil planning targets in the following areas:

• Biodiversity
• Reduction of surface water runoff and flood mitigation
• Air quality
• Reduction of energy and CO2 levels
• Sound insulation
• Amenity green space

Make sure your vegetated roof is installed properly to avoid costly replacements or unattractive results.

Sitescapes green roofing services:

A range of installed green roofs, from extensive to intensive, biodiverse or ornamental. We can source and install habitat features, find ecologically important species or simply provide a good, established plant coverage to suit the individual roof design.

Best quality plants and materials to your specification for long lasting vegetation. We use the latest, best performance materials designed with the help of University experts.

First year maintenance can be included. Make sure your hardy plants have the best possible chance to establish and thrive.

Compliant with the UK Green Roof Code and FLL guidelines

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